Staff directory

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Academic affairs

800-838-2580 ext. 124 and ext. 116 (DBA only)

Contact information by department

Topic Contact Role Phone Email
Reception Marijo Gorney ReceptionPresident’s office 800-838-2580 x101
President’s office Dr. Clint Miner President/CEO 800-838-2580 x101
Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Paul Tero Dean, Academic affairs 800-838-2580 x121
Academic affairs Pippi Sawyer Academic affairs 800-838-2580 x124
- Registration Catherine King Student services 800-838-2580 x129
- Financial aid Lisa Melchiorri Federal Stafford Loans 800-838-2580 x166
- Student services MJ Vieweg Student services 800-838-2580 x160
- Student services Brianna English Student and faculty services 800-838-2580 x123 and x116
Admissions Karen DiGloria Admissions – Master’s; info on programs (BSC and MS) 800-838-2580 x125
Marcie Trefny Admissions – overall and certificates 800-838-2580 x109
Laura Clay Admissions – Bachelor’s; info on programs (BSC and MS) 800-838-2580 x104
Lisa Melchiorri Admissions – Doctorate (DBA) 800-838-2580 x166
Registration Catherine King Registrar** 800-838-2580 x129
Keeper of records Marijo Gorney Keeper of records 800-838-2580 x101
Compliance Maureen Reardon 800-838-2580 x111
Librarian Cecelia Mullen Virtual academic and research library 800-838-2580 x132
Campus security Lisa Melchiorri Campus security 800-838-2580 x166
Maureen Reardon Campus security 800-838-2580 x111
Alumni affairs Sara Fleck Point of contact 800-838-2580 x147
VA benefits Michelle Disher Tuition account statements, VA benefits  800-838-2580 x130/x111
DBA/Post-Doc 800-838-2580 x116
Communications Sara Fleck 800-838-2580 x147
Financial Aid 800-838-2580 x509
Information Tech. 800-838-2580 x126
Standards of Practices and Accreditation 800-838-2580 x111
Transcript requests 800-838-2580 x101

Campus Coordinators




703-351-5085 ext. 795