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NGS testimonials

“NGS always exceeds my expectations. I started with NGS in the Bachelors completion program, after learning about the school from my father, a Doctoral graduate. Initially, I was blown away with core development and the ability to apply each lesson to my career immediately. After a very positive experience with my bachelors program, I was excited to return for my masters. Once again, I was delighted with how much of the curriculum I was able to apply the next day at work. I am now able to look at all sorts of things both in the details and in the bigger picture. NGS has also provided me with something beyond invaluable to me; confidence. I believe that my ideas have merit, my skills are honed, and my education helps to support my legitimacy.”

Sara Luciano

“NGS has exceeded my expectations by providing me with tangible information, all taught by professionals who have practice the quality methods they are teaching. Utilizing the DMAIC methodology will prove effective within any quality or process improvement initiative. I am currently completing my NGS Master’s curriculum and applying the knowledge learned toward the ownership and management of my catering business.”

Antoine Artis

“I chose NGS because it has an instructional platform that allows students to complete their degree programs online while engaged in full time employment. The instructional platform combined traditional and non-traditional methods of learning processes. The design of NGS degree programs made it possible for me to achieve my academic goals. I had access to professional experiences, a great support system, and excellent mentoring from my advisor. My cohort was friendly, very professional and responsible. The most important takeaway was the opportunity to research on a problem affecting many traditional institutions of higher learning.”

Dr. Augustine Dike
2012 DBA alumnus

“As a quality professional, my clients depend on me to be knowledgeable and to stay abreast of the best in quality standards and innovation to help solve their most pressing challenges. At NGS as a student in the Doctor of Business Administration program, I have access to the industry’s best and brightest who enhance my knowledge and research skills through action research. The program has given me the opportunity to apply Quality Systems Management principles to make an impact on continuous improvement initiatives in the federal government and at my company. NGS was the perfect fit for my career and professional development.”

Kim L. Brown-Jackson, M.B.S., CQIA,
Strategy, Learning & Human Capital Project Manager

“Pursuing a DBA with The National Graduate School was a transformative experience in my life and the things I learned have inspired me beyond the classroom.  A unique feature of the program is the wealth of intellectual pursuits of the faculty members who influenced the scope and depth of my own research.  No matter what aspect of business you are interested in studying, or what method you interested in researching them, you will find someone in the DBA department with expertise and valuable insights.  I really don’t know any other business school that prepares its students so thoroughly for the breadth of theoretical and methodological approaches used in QSM.  The NGS Program will change your life intellectually and the experience will travel with you.  My cohort and faculty became vested in my success and future and resulted in strong relationships that will last for years to come.”

Dr. Kevin Jones (DBA 2013)

“My DBA degree has opened doors for me. As a retired Air Force officer, my goal was to get into college-level teaching. Within several months of earning my degree from NGS, I had an opportunity to teach quality systems management at the undergraduate level and will be teaching in the MBA program at a local university starting this fall”

Dr. Anita K. Springer, MS, DBA, CMPI

“I use almost all aspects of the knowledge, skills and abilities I gained through the degree (MSQSM) program from private planning execution to strategic planning and everything in-between.”

Kevin Zemetis,
Vice President of International Operations,
The Balanced Scorecard Institute

“I retired from the US Navy in July 2009 as a Chief. I immediately applied for a federal job in the logistics field. Using my MS QSM degree as a selling point, I was offered a GS-9 position, which requires a Masters degree. I am certain that my educational attainment and work experience enabled me to land the job. It pays off to invest in education.”

Walter Torres,
Logistics Management Specialist,
Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center

“My MS QSM degree gave me the tools I needed to compete in the workplace. My confidence in my abilities grew and as a result many career opportunities came my way. The ROI on this MS QSM degree is very high.”

Pretha Mitchell,
Program Manager, Washington Metro (WMATA)

“I quickly realized that given my challenging schedule, the online option provided me exceptional flexibility while allowing me to still maintain some control of my time management. NGS provided me with the right combination of options, a Quality Management base and a Homeland Security emphasis, round that off with an executive accelerated program that you can complete in a year, and a solid match was made. I was impressed enough with the program that I recommended it to my son, Brian.”

CAPT Patrick Trapp

“As a recent graduate of the NGS Masters in Quality Systems Management, I have great praise for this program. It is not only a concentration in Quality Systems Management, but also a broad based program covering many interdisciplinary studies that go beyond standard Quality Systems studies. It is a systemic overview in systems thinking and practice…I can hardly wait for the new DBA Quality Systems program to be offered.”

John R. Aubrun
Team Leader-Electronic Development Technician/Space Electronics Test Facility Lab
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

“I found the curriculum offered by the National Graduate School for the Master of Science Degree in Quality Systems Management very applicable to growing our ACE culture at Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne. By applying principles learned through reading, class discussion, and outside assignments, the Master’s Business Project grew from an opportunity for improvement to a firm solution and cost savings to the company. Through continuous application of these learned practices and principles, each of us can grow the value to our customers and contribute to effective profitability. The knowledge gained from the program is extremely valuable.”

Robin Majors
Business Analyst, Scheduling
Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne

“Having a Master’s degree in Quality Systems Management made me far more competitive in the job market. Adding the scope, process and results for our Master’s Business project (MBP) to my resume highlighted knowledge and application of Quality Management Principles and the ability to deliver tangible business improvements. Completing the MS degree program resulted in a new job and a much better total compensation package.”

Mr. Howard D. Hall
Ctr, Airborne Command Control & Communications Analyst
Analytic Services (ANSER)

“Since graduating I have received 3 promotions, numerous awards for quality management initiatives, recognition at the Dept of the Army level (4 total), and I am now being considered for entry into Senior Leader Development. Though I had the skills and determination to excel, it was not until I completed the degree that the doors began to open. Well worth the time, effort and pain!”

William Leyh,
Director, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security

“Teaming up for in-class assignments and the Master’s Business Project has helped to build camaraderie and networking with my fellow UTC employees. The introduction and application of innovative quality tools helped to provide insight on how to apply continuous improvement processes within the workplace. Also, the convenient class schedule once a week allowed balance between work and family commitments”

Stacey Timke
Senior Analyst, Operations
Hamilton Sundstrand

“I was the Training Department Head at the time, and knew that we did not have any graduate school programs on Kodiak Island to help our unit members achieve their educational goals. So, after talking with Commander Jones, I got in contact with NGS, and not only became an NGS student myself, but also the course coordinator for the Air Station.”

LCDR Craig Neubecker

“NGS is an excellent and well known education portal that is respected in our industry and I highly recommend that if the opportunity presents itself, you should seize it fully, as the fruits of your labor will be noticed.”

Richard Barner
Global Commodity Quality Manager
Dell, Inc.

“I enjoyed the hands-on approach. I especially liked working on real problems that the class could discuss openly and grow not only from our readings, but also from the expertise of our classmates and the assistance and guidance of the instructor.”

Col. Darlene McCurdy
Army National Guard


“NGS provided an arsenal of tools and methods to implement into the workplace and projects. Having learned such a suite of tools allows me to drive toward success that you can measure.”

Steven Cantor
Supplier Quality
Boeing, Seattle, WA

“My education allowed me to utilize my NGS education at a higher-level knowledge and the understanding of the concepts, principles and tools of quality-based systems management. My studies in QSM provided me valuable skills within my job. Such as promote healthy, robust processes; reduce cycle times, inventory and turn-backs; improve process repeatability and control; and help maintain our customer satisfaction scores.”

James Jeluso
WPB Enterprise Quality Clinic – Hardware Discipline Lead
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

“The course has opened a lot of doors for promotion potential for me. The training and practical application (hands-on) during the class has provided me with knowledge and skill to improve and streamline numerous processes in my job, saving time and money for the organization. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this course instead of the original Master Program I planned to take. As a leader, I am benefiting from the skills and knowledge I have acquired from the course.”

LTC Sonia Neumeier,
Assistant Chief Surgical, Neuro Nursing Section,
Walter Reed Army Medical Center,

“The success I experienced in my job as a program manager applying the process and measurement tools has now opened the door for a second career. I started a new Federal position as Operational Excellence Consultant as a direct result of my Graduate Degree in Quality Systems Management and the application of those skills.”

CDR Karen Phillips,
Operational Excellence Consultant,
Bonneville Power Administration

“I was on a backwards slide in my career due to RIFs in my agency DFAS. I took a risk and went to the Marine Corps and things got worse. I was only in a GS-7 position when I enrolled at NGS. 2 months before I graduated I found a job with Navy and was promoted to GS-9. A year later I was promoted to GS-11.”

Julie Brumm,
Lead, Financial Management Analyst,
US Navy

“The results-driven project that my team worked on was approved by the Innovation Council for $65,000. This is quite an honor for myself and the team.”

Chris Kluckhuhn,
Quality Performance Consultant