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Message from the Alumni Association Director

Dear Alumni,

If you value what your National Graduate School experience has provided and want to give something back, there are several ways to contribute by giving your time, talent or treasure. We are extremely grateful for those of you who have and continue to do so.

The College is dependent on tuition revenue to help fund institutional scholarships and upgrade technology and resources. We are committed to providing a high quality academic experience so that our graduates are fully prepared for progressive leadership career opportunities in professional quality management. You are encouraged to become an Admissions Ambassador. Every contact you make as a representative of NGS  will enhance the attractiveness of the College to prospective students, corporate sponsors, government agencies and professional organizations. Contact: jalonso@ngs.edugeraldine.danielly@fema.dhse.gov

You can also support the development and growth of your Alumni Association by volunteering your time and talent. Consider taking an active role on the AA Board of Directors. Join the group of devoted alumni already involved in various AA initiatives such as mentoring Contact: lydell.m.king@uscg.mil;   publishing Contact;cmullen@ngs.edu; and sharing your quality experiences with the academic and professional community. Contact: aherbert@alum.ngs.edu

Another impactful way you can help the career development of our graduates is to publicize career opportunities available in your organization or in the professional quality management community at large. Our alumni link website presence is an excellent locus for such information. Visit:  www.ngs.edu;  contact:  sfleck@ngs.edu

The NGSAA invites all alumni to become more engaged by sharing their time, talent or treasure to ensure The National Graduate School of Quality Management remains the go-to academic institution for a unique project oriented quality management education.

Carpe Diem!

Harold L. Gilmore, PhD
Colonel, USA, Retired
Director, NGS Alumni Association


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