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Mascot Nomination

The National Graduate School has mounted an initiative to create a mascot. You are invited to submit your nomination(s) to mascot@ngs.edu for consideration by the Mascot Selection committee. Selected by President Miner, the committee will consist of a representative from the Board of Directors, Alumni Association, Faculty, Staff, and Student body.

Nominations: Submit a graphic design(s) in a JPEG format of your mascot(s) nomination(s) supported by a brief (25 words or less) narrative justifying your nomination(s). Please note that NGS will work with a graphic designer to re-imagine the selected mascot to create an official image that is unique to our school.

Submission: Submit your nomination(s) to mascot@ngs.edu. Nominations will remain open until the close of business on January 31, 2016.

Selection: Nominations will be reviewed for completion and submitted to the Mascot Selection committee for final vote and selection. The nominee with the most votes will become the official NGS mascot. The Selection Committee vote is final.

The Committee looks forward to your nominations.

Thank you,

Harold L. Gilmore, PhD
Colonel, USA, Retired
Director, NGS Alumni Association
(508) 548-5556