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Email: info@necb.edu

Phone: (800) 997-1673

Alumni Association Officers

Director:  Harold Gilmore, Ph.D., PE
Location:  Falmouth, MA
Email:  hgilmore@ngs.edu

President:  Dr. Antwanya Herbert
Degree:  DBA. 6/2013
Location:  Alexandria, VA
Job Description:  Secretary of Air Force – IT Specialist, Cyberspace Strategy & Policy
Email:  aherbert@alum.ngs.edu

Vice President:  Melvin Hale
Degree:  MS, 6/2015
Location:  Clinton, MD
Job Description:  Department of Energy – Facilities Operations Specialist
Email:  mhalemhale@verizon.net

Secretary:  Mahboubeh Shabani Samghabadi
Degree:  MS, 3/2016
Location:  Irvine, CA
Email:  mshabani@stu.ngs.edu

Treasurer:  Kitty Lee
Degree:  DBA, 6/2016
Email:  kitty.lee@hq.dhs.gov

Faculty Representative:  Dr. Lydell King
Degree:  MS,  3/2011; DBA 4/2009
Location:  Washington, DC
Email:  lking@ngs.edu

Student Representative:  Laura Jones
Degree:  DBA 10/2014
Location:  Fayetteville, GA
Email:  laura.a.jones@aol.com