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Joining the Faculty

NGS has a diverse and well-respected assemblage of faculty members assisting NGS in meeting its goals. Faculty members are adjunct professors for the School and each member is closely regarded as a valued representative.

In our faculty pool, NGS has distinguished practitioners, academicians, course developers and notable researchers who are adept at instructing a wide graduate student body that comprises corporate, military personnel, private sector, federal government and not for profit organizations. NGS faculty also include award-winning authors and international lecturers. Members of our faculty have taught internationally in China, Spain, Argentina, and Singapore. Others hold high level government appointments at the Federal and State level.

Colleagues, alumni, professional associations, and friends of the school refer a great number of prospective faculty members to NGS. A cadre of our faculty members serve as Project Supervisors Juried review Team members, which allows them to impart their expertise to individuals and teams throughout the duration of each program’s life cycle. Our faculty covers a large geographical area from coast to coast in locations such as Texas, California, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Florida and Hawaii.
Examples of books published by NGS faculty include:

  • Power Up Teams & Tools by Dr. William Montgomery
  • Catch! by Cyndi Laurin-Crother
  • Things We Learned in Organizations… by Keith Grant
  • The Phineas Priesthood: Violent Vanguard of the Christian Identity Movement (PSI Guides to Terrorists, Insurgents, and Armed Groups) by Danny Davis

The National Graduate School of Quality Management faculty biographical information is available upon request.

Individuals interested in becoming faculty members should review the selection criteria and process for joining NGS.