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MSQSM Scholarships

In an effort to help make earning a degree more affordable, The National Graduate School of Quality Management offers aid in the form of institutional scholarships for qualified students. Below is a list of scholarships by program as well as requirements for eligibility based on official undergrad transcripts. Please contact an Enrollment Manager with any questions regarding institutional scholarships.



GPA Requirement
(Bachelor’s Transcripts)

Amount Awarded

Faculty Scholarship



Academic Scholarship Level 1



Academic Scholarship Level 2



Academic Scholarship Level 3



Academic scholarships are available for the Standard Tuition Rate of each degree program only (based on CGPA). Unless otherwise stated, scholarships are applied at the beginning of each program and can only be awarded one time.

MSQSM Active Duty Military Scholarship – $5,000

This is a scholarship that is awarded to any active military personnel, their spouses or dependents that are enrolling in the MSQSM program. This scholarship cannot be used in combination with another scholarship.

Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo and Juran Global Scholarship Fund – $2,500 each

This is a scholarship that is funded through a partnership with Juran Global and is offered to current NGS students. Eligible students for this scholarship will have successfully completed a minimum of two courses within their program of study. This scholarship is awarded annually to one male and one female student in the BScQSM, MSQSM, or DBAQSM programs. Please contact the Director of Enrollment Management with any questions regarding this scholarship at jalonso@ngs.edu.

NGS Alumni Scholarship – $500

This scholarship is awarded to graduates of the NGS Bachelor of Science Degree Completion and Master of Science Degree programs who choose to pursue another degree with NGS.  The Alumni Scholarship is for new alumni applicants only and cannot be applied retroactively. Eligible students will have this scholarship applied at the start of their chosen program of study.