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MS Curriculum

The NGS Master of Science (MS) degree program is designed to provide graduate-level instruction to professionals, who either work in a quality-related field, or who hope to acquire skills in this growing professional area.  A pioneering institution in the field of Quality Systems Management education with over 20 years of experience, NGS offers the accelerated Master of Science degree in Quality Systems Management.

The Master’s Program is a twelve-month (three-semester, 36 credit) program designed for individuals who seek a team-oriented, results-driven management education program and believe that a quality focus in management, leadership and organizational performance is a competitive career advantage.  Students are typically experienced, working adults.

NGS was founded on the principle that adults have a more satisfying learning experience, when they can  see and experience the results of their efforts, and when they can demonstrate their new skills and increased effectiveness to their employer.  Instead of a conventional Master’s thesis, students complete a Master’s Project  within their domain of work, whether their company is a public, private, or military organization.

Students must be able to apply their evolving knowledge of quality systems management best practices to specific tasks and outcomes: the program expects Master students to compare and improve important processes within the scope of their chosen project.

The Master’s program follows a 1-2-3 progression:

  1. Active involvement by individual attendees, teams, and senior management in a Master of Science Business Project (MBP), that has the potential to lead to important, measurable improvements in their organization.  Students work on their MBP in parallel to their courses.
  2. A 12-months, 36-credit management curriculum geared to applying what is learned to the students’ MBPs.
  3. A formal results report, which verifies tangible savings/process improvements: the project’s company-based supervisor or “champion” must validate and formally attest to the school that results have been achieved.

An accelerated degree program format of approximately one year allows completion of the course work for the Master of Science degree program online/in-class.

For in-class cohorts, in order to serve working adult professionals, on-site classes are held on weekends or evenings.  Online courses* are scheduled in a similar fashion to accommodate the typical schedules of working adults.  Students routinely spend at least as much time outside of class as they do in class, or approximately 400 out-of-class hours on the project.