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MSQSM Course List

Download the program guide for this program here.

Semester 1

EDU501: Best Practices for Master’s Education
This course will provide students with an overview of The National Graduate School’s (NGS) instructional approach for the Masters in Quality Systems Management degree, as well as provide the students with an overview of the fundamental quality concepts and tools that comprise the Quality Systems Management body of knowledge. The QSM degree requires students to competently apply their learning to a work-related project. This work-related projects is termed “Masters Business Project” (MBP).  During this course, students will learn about the process of selecting and successfully completing a MBP. (3 credits)

QSM550: Master’s Business Project I
The NGS Master of Science Program graduates distinguish themselves through their ability to translate theory into practice, and knowledge into action. Students identify a process to be improved for their Master’s Business Project.  Specific projects are defined and the faculty approves their Master’s Business Project.  The faculty guides the project through the stages of definition, commitment from the sponsoring organizations, and project planning.  (3 credits)

QSM548: Project Management
This course will examine “traditional” project management and the current body of knowledge.  It will provide alternative approaches, principles and simple tools to help design and manage projects/programs effectively.  The course will cover concepts of project planning, decision making, complexity, schedule and cost estimation, uncertainty and risk management, resource management, metrics, project reviews, and competency alignment. The knowledge and skills learned are applied directly to each team’s Master’s Business Project.  (3 credits)

QSM570: Performance Based Management
The course will focus on providing students with an understanding of performance measures and performance measurement systems, with an emphasis on practical application to the Master’s Business Projects (MBPs).  Students will learn about the Theory of Variation and its impact on organizational and process performance.  Students will build on the project identification work done in the previous courses. (3 credits)

Semester 2

QSM581: A Systems Approach to Strategic Planning
NGS students should be familiar with the value that strategic planning brings to an organization, as well as the concepts and approaches associated with conducting strategic planning activities. This course will cover the various organizational roles relating to strategic planning that NGS graduates may encounter in the workplace.  Strategic Planning requires an understanding of systems thinking to assess an organization’s current state and to develop the roadmap to its desired future state. This course will cover fundamentals of systems thinking. (3 credits)

EDU638: Master’s Business Development I
This course is especially designed for the context of the NGS Masters of Science program, which proceeds at an accelerated pace. Faculty will provide mentoring and guidance related to their business projects. Students will collaborate with faculty to assess overall progress to date, add additional content to the MBP, and develop a project management plan for the completion of the Master’s Business Project. The focus of the MBP during this course is on the Measure and Analyze phases of DMAIC Methodology. (3 credits)

QSM558: Benchmarking
This Course examines the process of conducting benchmarking research and translating it into business process improvements. QSM 558 places emphasis on the application of benchmarking strategies, including both secondary and primary benchmarking.  Principles, techniques, and data collection methodologies to address actual business issues and opportunities are also presented and put into practical application. Individual study, team applications, and classroom activities will be balanced during the course. (3 credits)

QSM562: Master’s Business Project II
The Project Faculty Lead guides the student teams through the verification and stability of their process improvement (MBP) projects. Students will demonstrate how they incorporate all of the academic disciplines learned in the program into their Master’s Business Projects. Early in the course, the MBP Charter will be signed and intensive work on the MBPs will continue. (3 credits)


Semester 3

QSM572: Financial Systems and Lean Accounting
This course develops the senior level management skills necessary to build a business-wide system for pragmatic financial planning and sophisticated cost analyses. The course measures students’ understanding of the elements of that system by gauging their ability to achieve tangible financial results at sponsoring organizations.  Among topics discussed are Cost Categorization, Cost Driver Analysis, Supplier Evaluation and Activity Based Costing. There is continued emphasis on the immediate application of the knowledge tools learned in this particular course to the comprehensive Master’s Business Project. (3 credits)

QSM543: Business Process Analysis

This course is designed to enhance the analysis of a business process through a systematic approach to identify and eliminate waste in the workplace. The main focus of this course is to learn how to continuously improve a process by focusing on the flow of work (products and services) in the pursuit of perfection. The course will teach students to identify obstacles to faster processes, create improvement strategies, and implement those strategies in the workplace.  Lean Thinking, Value Stream Mapping, and the Toyota Production system are reviewed in detail. (3 credits)

QSM639: Supply Chain Management
This course introduces Supply Chain Management (SCM) practices within the context of systems and process thinking, and places emphasis on planning strategies that help organizations optimize material, information, and workflow, including “the Lean Supply Chain.” Topics include the Supply Chain (SC) Fundamentals, Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCORÒ) Model, Strategic SCM initiatives, SC Integration, SC Maturity and Networks, and Best Practices that characterize best in class companies. (3 credits)

QSM566: Master’s Business Project III
The Project Faculty Lead guides the student teams through the verification and stability of their process improvement (MBP) projects. MPB III is a project milestone for students to receive consultation and feedback regarding the progress, direction and status of their projects. This progress monitoring point for the Project Faculty Lead ensures that students have understood and integrated the knowledge gained during their program into the MBPs and have achieved tangible financial results supported by statistical and financial analyses at their employer or sponsor.  (3 credits)

This curriculum is subject to change.