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Juran Global Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is one of the most sought after business credentials today. Students who successfully meet the requirements for the MSQSM degree program are eligible to receive their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Juran Global at no additional cost.  The Juran Global  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is designed for professionals who wish to lead Lean Six Sigma projects and enhance their capability as complex problem solvers.

Our graduates will have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful as Lean Six Sigma experts and advisors to senior leaders. During this program, students apply their classroom instruction to a real world project demonstrating their mastery of the Lean Six Sigma tools and their ability to provide measurable operational and financial results.

In response to our students, and in collaboration with Juran Global, we are pleased to be able to offer this streamlined process for Juran Global Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.  We have reviewed and revised the process for your cohorts.  The following outlines the new policy:

Cohorts prior to 1/15:

  • NGS did not have a partnership with Juran Global at this time. Therefore, no belt certification is attached to the BSc or MS degree. To obtain a belt, students must go through the normal certification process.  No special accommodations will be made.  Steps include: Submission of successful project, test, fee and oral defense.

All Cohorts from 1/15 onward: 

  • Once MS students have completed their NGS degree programs, Juran Global will award LSS Black Belt Certifications.
  • There are no fees required.
  • The only requirements are the successful completion of your degree program and submission of an electronic copy of your completed project for record keeping by Juran Global.

Here are more detailed instructions:

  1. Within three months of the completion of the degree program at NGS, the student contacts Maura Burke (mburke@ngs.edu) to request the Black Belt (MS) certification.
  2. Academic Affairs will submit, and verify, the following information to Juran:
    1. Student’s full name & email address
    2. NGS degree and date of degree completion
    3. Project name and project description
    4. Project Champion and name(s) of any partners on project
    5. An electronic copy of the Masters Business Project (MBP)
  3. Upon verification of all documents, Juran Global will issue, via PDF email, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate to the NGS student.

Thank you for your assistance.  NGS will be reviewing policies and procedures for earning Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts for future cohorts.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.