Master of Science

The curriculum for the online Master of Science Degree in Quality Systems Management (MSQSM) program can be completed in one year (three semesters, twelve courses, 36 credits).

A distinguishing feature of the program is the substitution of a team-based, work-related, project that integrates course learnings to develop a project storyboard for presentation to the company or organization sponsoring the project and NGS faculty throughout the program. The master’s business project, or MBP, replaces the conventional master’s thesis. Akin to a traditional oral defense of a thesis, students publicly defend their results before an audience of faculty, invited experts and their student peers.

NGS students who successfully meet their MSQSM degree program requirements are now eligible to receive their Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Juran Global for no extra charge!  Learn more about the process here.

The online Master’s Degree in Quality Systems Management is designed for individuals who seek a team-driven, results-oriented management program and believe that a management focus in quality and organizational performance is a competitive career advantage. Students are typically experienced, working adults from both the Corporate, Military, and Government environments.

In the contemporary manner of programs for experienced, working adult professionals, the school emphasizes and monitors student study teams, which routinely spend at least as much time outside of class as they do in class.

In addition, each student is expected to spend approximately 400 out-of-class hours on the project and will be monitored by designated academic faculty advisors.

  • Semester 1 provides a foundation in quality to guide students through the remainder of the curriculum. Topics include an overview of performance-based management systems, best practices, value stream mapping and a systems approach to strategic planning.
  • Semester 2 helps students gain enhanced skills through a linked series of courses related to and supportive of MBP results. Topics include the DMAIC model, Six Sigma and lean thinking applications.
  • Semester 3 provides practical methodologies for applying quality systems principles to assess organizational achievements.

What students should expect in the online Master’s Degree in Quality Systems Management Program

Purpose of the accelerated online Master of Science in Quality Systems Management degree program

  • To provide students, particularly working adults and other non-traditional students, with a business- related graduate education that will empower them to make rapid contributions to private, public and military sector organizations;
  • To engage students in a rigorous, exciting, challenging, theoretical and practical learning experience in a specialized curriculum that is uniquely centered in both management sciences and quality systems, predicated on a teamwork approach, and incorporating a business project that requires measurable results;
  • To provide students with the resources needed to interact with others clearly and effectively;
  • To impart and demonstrate to students the aligned relationship of a management quality systems theme to ethical behavior;
  • To subject the body of knowledge known as quality systems management to a process of continuous improvement derived from the application of that knowledge in the workplace and responses to research in the field.

The program is offered only in a cohort format.