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How does the NGS Doctor of Business Administration degree program online differ from a traditional PhD program?

Our accredited degree program is accelerated, capsulized, and project-based. Unlike most PhD programs, the NGS accelerated DBA degree program includes an “ending date” which enables students to complete a sequentially-offered series of courses; immediately begin work on the dissertation; and meet all other program requirements during a specified time-frame. Further, while most PhD programs require the implementation of dissertation projects merely to add to the body of knowledge for purely research reasons, the NGS DBA program requires that its dissertation projects provide tangible, measurable results that affect real-world organizations in operation today. Action Research, conducted to solve specific practical problems is emphasized instead of “pure research” which is conducted to acquire broad knowledge.

How long will it take for me to complete the DBA program?

You can complete the NGS DBA degree program in approximately 30 months.

What is the aim of the DBA program?

To prepare graduates to lead and manage organizational efforts related to various disciplines (i.e., Quality Systems, Homeland Security & Defense, Health Systems); and to advance the body of knowledge and best practices.

How much work can I expect?

The workload will be similar to that required of traditional PhD programs. A considerable amount of reading and writing assignments are required, all of which will enable you to focus upon your project, your scholarly publication and teaching of an NGS course.

How and when are the classes held?

Students meet onsite “in-class” for 4 blended courses taught over 4 separate weekends during the duration of the program. Blended is defined as in-class and online. There are 16 courses in total. The remaining 12 courses are offered through the NGS DBA program online.

What must I complete to obtain my doctoral degree?

The three components of the NGS DBA Program require that students:

  1. Select, conceptualize, research, implement and document (via dissertation) a rigorous dissertation project that must be presented and defended before the NGS Doctoral Dissertation Committee;
  2. Select, research, write and submit a scholarly journal article to three recognized peer-reviewed journals; and
  3. Teach a segment of an NGS Bachelor of Science or Master of Science course while serving as a Doctoral Teaching Assistant.

Who teaches the DBA courses?

All courses are taught and mentored by doctoral-level faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Further, you will interact with industry leaders while participating in the lecture series.

How are classes taught?

Courses are offered in a five-module format. On Thursday evenings, webinars provide the content for Module I. On Friday evenings, students travel to a designated site to complete Module II in-residence. Modules III and IV are offered in four-hour blocks of time between 8am and 5pm Saturdays while Module V is offered from 8AM to noon on Sundays. Blended courses include a Module I webinar (usually on Thursday evenings), while the remaining four modules are completed independently. Understandably, online course are offered in a fully-virtual format.

What is assessment at the semester level?

Assessment of student learning outcomes at the semester level is embedded at project courses, typically at the end of each semester.  These courses are taught by a member of the Doctoral Dissertation Committee.  They are available throughout your enrollment period to provide recommendations for improvements, modification, and implementation strategies that ensure your sponsoring organizations receive the best benefit of the project.  By the end of the fourth semester students will present their completed projects.

What special steps are required to initiate the Doctoral Project?

Each student must acquire a local day-to-day champion, a financial champion and senior/executive champion to support and guide the project. NGS provides a structure to support project management via its internet offering: “Quickbase.”  Doctoral program faculty will help keep you on track and provide assistance at all times.

What is required for admissions?

To apply the following is required:

  • Master’s degree and transcript from an accredited institution. The accreditation must be recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Association (CHEA)
  • Substantive work or military experience (resume)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose (1,000 words/two pages)
  • Access to and familiarity with computers (including the Internet)
  • Intended degree specializations are required to be declared no later than the end of the second course
  • Dissertation topics require approval of the Academic Affairs Curriculum Committee

Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available for qualified students. For questions regarding the financial aid process, contact the NGS financial aid office.

Is the National Graduate School of Quality Management an accredited institution?

Yes, NGS is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Inquiries regarding the accreditation status by the New England Association should be directed to the administrative staff of the institution.

Individuals may also contact:
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Whom do I contact for more information?

For admissions, please call 800-838-2580 Ext 505or email Info@ngs.edu

*Not available in Massachusetts. Not available to Massachusetts residents.