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DBA Project

NGS students represent diverse sectors of the workforce such as the aerospace and science industries, public service, and the military. While NGS doctoral degree students represent such varied occupations as engineering, finance, and continuous quality improvement, they all share a common goal: to implement a dissertation project that proves to be of significant value to an organization, agency or sponsor. That project must yield tangible, quantifiable results. Doctoral Projects have pre-established “performance measures” that are significant and highly visible in the value stream of the students’ sponsoring organization.

DBA students learn how to analyze and conduct research to conceptualize and implement their doctoral dissertation projects. Throughout the program, students engage in a rigorous, exciting, theoretical, and practical learning experience offered in a specialized curriculum that is uniquely centered in both management science and quality systems.

Candidates are individually responsible for planning and orchestrating dissertation project-related activities. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Articulating the problem statement
  • Scheduling and conducting meetings
  • Selecting a day-to-day champion
  • Completing the project charter
  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Conducting research and data collection
  • Carrying-out objective analyses
  • Conducting self-assessments
  • Preparing reports and presentations
  • Alerting the Dissertation Project Advisor of process or content issues
  • Ensuring the quality and timeliness of presentations and deliverables
  • Recommending and implementing potential solutions

The Senior Champion and NGS Dissertation Committee will confirm each student’s project progress along the way. To fulfill degree requirements, each student will teach for NGS, submit an article to a refereed journal, and complete a written dissertation documenting a project that produced tangible, measurable results. Students can make a great contribution to their company and to their personal and professional development.