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BSQSM Description

Purpose of the BS degree program in Quality Systems Management

  • To provide students, particularly working adults and other non-traditional students, the opportunity to finally finish their undergraduate degree with education that will empower them to make rapid contributions to private, public and military sector organizations;
  • To engage students in a rigorous, exciting, challenging, theoretically specialized curriculum that is uniquely centered in both management sciences and quality systems, predicated on a teamwork approach, and which incorporates a business project that requires measurable results;
  • To provide students with the resources needed to clearly and effectively interact with others;
  • To impart and demonstrate to students the aligned relationship of a quality systems management theme to ethical behavior;
  • To introduce students to the principles and practices of quality assurance, process efficiency, and customer satisfaction as integral functions in successful business systems.

The NGS Bachelor of Science degree program is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to meet the requirements of an accredited undergraduate degree, typically while employed on a full-time basis.

Students benefit from a curriculum that is sequential, which means that every program course is offered in individual order. As a result, there will never be a time when the next required course is unavailable.  Our graduates succeed because they come from diverse backgrounds: science, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, service, biomedical, accounting, DoD, USCG, etc.

The program is designed as a “bridge” for those who possess an Associate’s degree to earn an accelerated bachelor’s degree. NGS will accept 60 to 75 credits in transfer from an approved college.  The curriculum consists of a 12 month, 10 course, 30 credit, 2 semester program designed as an “integrated storyboard” developed after extensive consultation with diverse focus groups of prospective employers, organizational leaders and quality practitioners. Up to 30 credits awarded for experiential learning from work experience and accomplishments. The BS degree program requires a total of 120 credits. A distinguishing feature of the program is the team-based, work-related, business project. In order for a student to graduate, the projects’ supervisor or “champion” must validate and formally attest to The School that results have been achieved. The program is offered only in cohort group format.

Experiential learning portfolio

The Experiential Learning Portfolio is a compilation of the student’s experiences in work, training, volunteer, and other non-academic activities that qualify for the assignment of college-level credit.  Students are allowed to document the positive, professional and career-related accomplishments they have accumulated after high school to demonstrate that they have – in fact – “learned” outside the normal classroom setting. Students will be happy to know that many training programs and some seminars qualify for college-level credit as well. Military personnel will benefit from the formal training they have received at the various levels along their career path as nearly every specialty contains valuable college level credit from a Military Friendly School.

Bachelor of Science academic requirements

  • Associate Degree (or equivalent) 60 credits
  • Additional 15 upper-level credits
  • NGS Experiential Learning Portfolio 15-30 credits
  • NGS BS program courses 30 credits
  • Bachelor of Science Degree Graduation Requirements = 120 credits

*Not available in Massachusetts. Not available to Massachusetts residents.