Quality Systems Management Degree Programs

The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) delivers accelerated online degree programs in a format that is designed to accommodate the schedules of adult working students. In all NGS programs, students complete work-related projects which demonstrate tangible, measurable improvements in organizational performance. The content of the curriculum is offered to increase student knowledge of contemporary business concerns and to enable the development of student skills in resolving problems.

NGS degree program overviews

The National Graduate School of Quality Management online degree programs are designed to increase the levels of student learning under the platform of Quality Systems Management. The foundational constructs are derived from a modified version of Bloom’s Taxonomy described as follows:

BS Degree programs = the understanding and descriptive stage

MS Degree programs = the application stage

Doctoral Degree programs = the critique, compare and create stage

In the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program*, students create and implement an innovative real-world process improvement. They are required to demonstrate the ability to synthesize – with an emphasis upon creating new meaning and structure – and to evaluate and make judgments about new process improvements. DBA students make original contributions to the body of knowledge that relates to a particular area of their study.  The DBA program is delivered in a low-residency format in which students travel to a pre-determined location to attend classes four times throughout the course of the program.

In the Master of Science degree program, students demonstrate and implement process improvement solutions to an existing problem. As this is the application stage, students demonstrate critical thinking, analysis and the ability to apply the information contained in the body of knowledge to real-world situations.

In the Bachelor of Science Degree Completion program*, students learn theoretical content and acquire knowledge. The program is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to meet the requirements of an accredited undergraduate degree.

Program delivery and class format

The National Graduate School of Quality Management delivery model responds to a demand for an accelerated program format focused on working adults. All NGS programs require project work which results in tangible, measurable improvements in organizational performance. All NGS degree programs are full-time.

Faculty practitioners deliver the programs and use their real-world experiences to enhance the curriculum and make the classroom a more interactive environment.

Students begin their studies in cohorts and continue without breaks in the instruction to degree completion. Students register for all courses at the beginning of the program. Each is offered in succession therefore cohorts begin and end together. It is never necessary to worry whether a course is available or to wait another semester to complete a required course.

Programs are delivered in a low-residence format, online, and/or a combination of the two, called blended. Low residency courses are offered face-to-face in the traditional classroom setting, either one evening per week or weekend sessions taught by professors – who are seasoned practitioners – at learning sites nationally. These sites are supported by online course materials, library resources, and the Student Services department from the Main Campus in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The online format enables students to complete degree requirements from their homes or places of work. Advisement and additional coursework assistance are provided by professors. Blended learning, a combination of traditional and online, begins with an initial in-residence meeting, a webinar and concludes via independent study that requires weekly updates to the professor and submission of assignments online.

*Not available in Massachusetts.  Not available to Massachusetts residents.