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Certificate Program Overview

The Homeland Security Program is designed for adult working professionals
from the military, government agency, government contractor and private sector
whose work focus is related to homeland security issues. The aim of such
professionals is to effectively manage homeland security oriented work-related
projects, and to achieve a skill set relevant to the application of quality system
principles to homeland security-related instances.

The Homeland Security body of knowledge is generally understood to be the theory
gained from the study of past homeland security events, successes and challenges.
It is worth noting that the accepted sense of what constitutes a Homeland Security
certificate level of knowledge, and what is consequently expected of an earned
certificate holder, has shifted since the events of 9/11 and the ever-increasing
number of threats to homeland security around the globe as well as in the United

From this large reservoir of knowledge, NGS has gathered “best practices” which
shall be discussed in case studies. The NGS emphasis is on practical, “hands-on”
solutions. Although program course content does include texts such as the “9/11
Commission Report,” the constantly evolving additions of knowledge in the field
dictates the inclusion of current reports from the GSA, blogs and interviews from
senior-level experts such as Dr. David McIntyre, NGS Director of Homeland
Security Degree and Certificate Programs.

NGS prerequisites for entry into the Homeland Security Certificate program are
thus derived from what appear to be “success indicators” from the applicant’s
background and experience.

The Admissions Process: Overview

NGS will require evidence of the prerequisites from every successful applicant.
However, as an accredited higher educational institution, NGS understands that each and every applicant has varied ways to make valuable contributions, and will treat each applicant as an individual.

All applicants can be assured that an experienced NGS admissions advisor will contact every applicant. Applicants may also contact with questions.

NGS does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion or Vietnam-era service.


• 5 years minimum of work or military service related to Homeland Security
• Familiarity with the principles of quality systems
• Project management experience as team leader or team member
• Familiarity with data gathering concepts and techniques
• Access to the internet and a computer for personal use that is adequate
to process required software and assignments.

Note: Applicants for NGS “dual credential” programs, which award both a degree and a certificate, must fulfill pre-requisite requirements for admission for both programs.


1. Billing will occur 30 days prior to the start of the program.
2. Payment is due in full prior to the program
3. NGS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the program based on low
4. The National Graduate School retains ownership of all materials delivered by
instructor during the program. Only participants who have completed the
program may use the materials. They may not be duplicated or reproduced
without written consent of NGS.

Completion Requirements

• Satisfactorily complete the certificate program of study with a minimum
cumulative grade point average of 3.0, with no grade lower than a “C”
• Meet prerequisite requirements
• Successfully complete the certificate project
• All tuition and fees must be paid in full

Term of Validity

The NGS/U Homeland Security Certificate is “Valid for Life”. NGS/U understands the
bodies of knowledge in the field is changing and expanding. The School recommends,
but does not require, the return to the institution for current programs after three
years, to assure the students have the most contemporary and newest knowledge

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