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For over 20 years, The National Graduate School of Quality Management has been producing adult student graduates who maintain customer satisfaction while reducing costs before they graduate.

  • Ask workers at the aircraft renovation facility where NGS students saved $12 million, increased profits, and saved jobs as part of their graduation project.
  • Ask officials at the federal government agency at which NGS students saved nearly $1 million per year by restructuring US cooperation with Canadian border officials as part of their graduation project.
  • Ask staff members at the US military hospital where NGS students saved $1.2 million per year by revising patient discharge procedures as part of their graduation project.
  • Ask leaders of the major Texas grocery chain where NGS students saved more than $1.5 million per year by changing dairy production procedures as part of their graduation project.
  • Ask managers of the Fortune 500 Company where NGS students saved $17 million through process improvements.

If you sponsor students in our program, you will save more before they graduate than the program costs, and:
. . . you will save more each year as they implement what they have learned.
. . . you will realize an improvement in customer satisfaction as well


Two decades of experience teaches us that many companies mistakenly think that “quality” only applies to manufacturing. But the hidden killers of performance (and profit) are frequently customer dissatisfaction with “support processes” like data input and analysis, contract reimbursement, timely delivery, customer services, etc. When processes fail, customers, from patients to funders, begin to doubt the quality of patient care.
Therefore, Quality Systems Management (QSM) requires a holistic approach for success to be achieved.

  • Yes, it does include Quality Control, which is related to ensuring that parts, products and services received by others meet established quality standards.
  • Yes it does include Quality Assurance, which is related to ensuring that products provided to customers meet established quality standards.
  • However, QSM/CQI are much broader and more holistic than either of these two narrow approaches.
    – Quality is defined as “…meeting customer expectations at reduced cost…”
    – AND it demands that costs stay low – by purging waste, defects and inefficiencies from every aspect of the producer’s system.

QSM achieves improved satisfaction and reduced cost by applying proven techniques from the well documented body of quality systems literature, selected and matched to each unique situation. At the end of the day, Quality Systems Management produces a better outcome at a reduced price in ways that can be measured and repeated.