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Dr. Julie Brumm Receives Student Benchmark Award from The National Graduate School of Quality Management

Dr. Julie Brumm receives the NGS Student Benchmark Award from NGs Interim President, Dr. Robert Antonucci
Dr. Julie Brumm receives the NGS Student Benchmark Award from NGS Interim President, Dr. Robert Antonucci

Falmouth, Mass., June 13, 2016 – The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) selected DBA graduate, Dr. Julie Brumm, as the first recipient of the prestigious Student Benchmark Award.  Dr. Brumm was presented with the award at the annual NGS graduation ceremony held on Saturday, June 4, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia.

The Student Benchmark Award recognizes an NGS student who displays the embodiment of what it means to be an NGS student. Such attributes include academic achievement, leadership, teamwork, professional demeanor, strong spirit and positive influence to those around him/her in his/her program of study. Faculty, Program Chairs, and Administrators of NGS nominate one graduating student to be the recipient of this award.

Dr. David Braga, Program Chair of the NGS DBA Program, said Julie was selected for this award because, “she has exhibited a true passion for learning and applying the application of quality systems into the work place. During the dissertation writing process, it was clear that Julie had an ability to formulate and plan clear outcomes in presenting her doctoral level work. Julie has shown herself to show personal initiative and general enthusiasm for learning. With Julie’s extensive military experience her most important quality is her ability to lead by example.” Dr. Eileen Sullivan, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, shared that Julie’s dissertation and final oral defense demonstrated exemplary scholarly work in the field of knowledge.

Dr. Julie Brumm is a retired civilian employee of the United States Department of Defense from Pearl City, Hawaii. During her career of 34 years, she served all four branches of the armed forces. She earned both her Master of Science Degree (MS) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from NGS.  She says, “Each course was exciting and built upon the foundational quality concepts that had been developed and emerged from the manufacturing industry. [I] made it a personal goal to gain mastery over as many of the theories, concepts and tools available. From this toolbox [I] applied process improvement methods in each of [my] subsequent workplaces gaining recognition and career advancement. The logical next step was to seek the higher degree when that program was offered.”

In her acceptance speech, Julie addressed her fellow graduates and said, “….I made it my goal to gain personal mastery over every Quality concept, methodology and tool.  Having successfully completed the Master of Science in Quality Systems Management, an unexpected benefit occurred in my career.  Suddenly I found new ways to use my skills and my responsibilities and my paycheck grew dramatically.  I could easily identify and remove constraints to processes applying the Theory of Constraints.  I would suggest ways to eliminate wasted efforts, an application of Lean, and remove variation that contributed to defects with the application of Six Sigma…Many years passed and I was eager to learn and do more in the Quality field.  When NGS developed the doctoral program, I did not hesitate to enroll.  This time the challenges were stiffer and in addition to executing a business project with a financially proven result, I had to add to the body of knowledge in the text of a 200 page dissertation all while managing a multi-million dollar financial operation for the United States Navy in Japan, remotely from Pearl Harbor, HI.”

“It is with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and on behalf of all the “newly minted” quality professionals graduating today, that I accept this award of recognition from the school.  I have a few decades left to put my skills and enthusiasm to work.  I want to encourage all of us being honored here today to carry on the legacy and be the difference our workplace or sphere of influence needs. Wear our quality glasses proudly and see the world through the lenses of continuous process improvement.  Congratulations! Mahalo and Aloha!”

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