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Current students

Our students and alumni are our strength and legacy

The diversity of experience and accomplishments by the student body at The National Graduate School of Quality Management is one of the unique assets for which the School is internationally recognized. Students enroll from varied work environments such as defense, auditing, quality systems, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and software. All share an interest in real-time achievements that can be shown to benefit employers and which may enhance their personal career strategies.

Case studies and work-related projects enrich everyone

The work experience of students from the United States and from around the world enriches everyone. All courses use case studies and are related to work or industry-related projects. Students with developing work experience are gladly mentored by faculty who are active practitioners themselves, who recognize the value of experience, and who complement in-class examples with out-of-class corporate or public sector networks. Students rate the School’s challenging yet supportive exchange of ideas built on practice as a leading reason for their enrollment choice.