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“Building a Competitive Workforce” Focus of a Reception Hosted by The National Graduate School of Quality Management

Attendees at Barnstable Region Education Reception
Attendees at Barnstable Region Education Reception

Falmouth, Mass., August 13, 2015 – On August 3, 2015 at the Hyannis Yacht Club, The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) hosted the Barnstable Region Education Reception for interested community and business leaders. The focus of the reception, presentation and discussion was to start the process of building a competitive workforce in Barnstable and Cape Cod.

The host, Alan Feltham, Vice President of the Barnstable Economic Development Corporation, stated, “This is probably the first time that a group of Barnstable Region community leaders have come together to discuss building a competitive Cape Cod work force based upon upgrading educational skills. Hopefully there will be more discussion like this to come. The Cape is changing; in the near future it will be much more than simply a tourist based economy.”

NGS President & CEO, Dr. Clint Miner, introduced NGS and its unique education programs.  He went on to discuss how education in general, and NGS specifically, can partner with communities to help foster economic growth and strength. Dr.  Eileen Sullivan, Interim Dean, Academic Affairs, made comments about academic courses at NGS, the flexibility of the schedule and the high quality of the instructors. Dr. Miner also introduced Dr. John Cox, President of Cape Cod Community College,  who gave a presentation of the various academic programs that are presently being offered and new academic programs in the future at CCCC.

The evening ended with questions and answers and a lot of positive suggestions for the future.

Dr. Miner said, “I am very proud of the role NGS has played and will play in helping Cape Cod build a competitive workforce for a more economically stable community.”

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