Finding Innovators

NGS Professor, Dr. Richard Buckles presented a session titled, “Finding Innovators,” at the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in May 2013.

A condensed version of the session video is available to view here,

The session deals with a unique approach to identifying, selecting, and developing innovators: the thinking styles and strategies

The Merits of Economic Capital Investment Opportunities

by Alan Feltham, B.S. Eng., MBA, Adjunct Professor

As we continue to strive for a better economy for all, it is interesting to reflect upon the often forgotten significant component of GDPBusiness Capital Investment.

Business Capital Investment opportunities are investment opportunities which create long-lived assets and provide the business with a long time

Why I Chose My Studies in QSM

By:  Joe Fierro, MS, CTP, NGS alumnus

Strengthening performance despite future uncertainties; maneuvering through the complexities of dynamic operating environments; and, growing productivity through workforce achievements are just a few of the reasons I chose my studies in QSM (Quality Systems Management).

QSM, not to be confused with QA/QC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control), is

Which Came First, PMI or Six Sigma?

By: Dave Howell, M.S.
Class of 2003

The question of which came first, PMI® or 6-Sigma is less about origins, timelines or innovation and more about today’s NGS graduates and the importance of designations or credentialing. My experience has been that a 3 class Project Management Professional (PMP) ® credential is more

Who needs QSM? Everybody

By Dr. Dave McIntyre

I frequently contract work for one of the largest “three letter agencies” in the Federal Government. Recently I was asked the following question: “The individual parts of our department work pretty well. But we don’t get the efficiency and effectiveness we desire out of our program as a whole. What can

Leadership’s Role in Developing the Organization

By Jerome Kelley

Have you ever seen an organization that was so focused on meeting the schedule requirements that they took their eye off the quality and performance requirements?  One company was so intent on shipping on time, that they actually shipped incomplete assemblies to their customer, on purpose. When it came time to ship,

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Interview with Dr. Miner


You recently joined The National Graduate School of Quality Management as its president. Recognizing that NGS has undergone a lot of change and challenge in recent years, why did you take on this role?

NGS is an outstanding institution. I believe wholeheartedly in its mission to provide innovative, dynamic, quality education to adult learners