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Announcing Latest Graduates of the NGS Doctor of Business Administration Program

Falmouth, Mass., March 19, 2015 – The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) is proud to announce that the following students have successfully completed all requirements to earn their Doctor of Business Administration (DBA):

DBA Graduate Dissertation Chair
Mark Baril Dr. Alice Gobeille
Nixon Opondo Dr. Jacqueline Chestnut
Keysha Jones Dr. Jacqueline Chestnut
Hernando Flowers Dr. William Quisenberry
Sharon Burton Dr. Darrell Burrell
William Nelson Dr. Alice Gobeille
Jasmine Lewis-Gough Dr. Heidi Mortensen-Torres
Lidia Garner Dr. Heidi Mortensen-Torres
Courtney Chronley Dr. Allen Bednarczyk
Sam Musa Dr. Terrance Cusaac










The National Graduate School of Quality Management DBA program focuses on preparing leaders with the competencies required to transform their organizations at the enterprise level. DBA graduates are equipped to lead organizations to be competitive and thrive in today’s global environment. Each DBA candidate must demonstrate outstanding scholarship, original research and significant contributions to the body of knowledge and professional practice to earn the right to be called “doctor.”

NGS President & CEO, Dr. Clint Miner said, “A special recognition and thank you goes out to the entire faculty who supported each of these graduates in the pursuit of their educational dreams and aspirations, especially the Dissertation Chairs listed above. On behalf of the entire NGS community, we offer congratulations to these graduates who have realized a significant milestone in their careers and their lifelong learning journey.” NGS will host a formal graduation ceremony June 6, 2015 in Arlington, VA.

To learn more about the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program at The National Graduate School of Quality Management, contact info@ngs.edu or call (800) 838-2580 ext. 125.

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The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) is a regionally accredited, non-profit college that focuses on transformational leadership and quality management. It is uniquely positioned in the higher education community– offering bachelors, masters, and doctorate level programs focused on providing leaders and managers the tools they need to transform their organizations. For more information about NGS, visit www.ngs.edu.