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Alumni Spotlight – Sara Luciano

Sara Luciano with father, NGS DBA graduate and faculty member, Dr. Doug Williamson (left), and NGS Interim President, Dr. Robert Antonucci (right)

Student Name:  Sara Luciano
NGS Program(s):  BSQSM & MSQSM
Cohorts(s):  314 BS & 315 MS

Why did you choose NGS? NGS allowed me to focus exclusively on beneficial coursework while allowing me to maintain a positive work/life balance. Having a newborn and a career, no other school provided me the options that NGS did.

Did NGS meet your expectations? How and why?  NGS always exceeds my expectations. I started with NGS in the Bachelors completion program, after learning about the school from my father, a Doctoral graduate. Initially, I was blown away with core development and the ability to apply each lesson to my career immediately. After a very positive experience with my bachelors program, I was excited to return for my masters. Once again, I was delighted with how much of the curriculum I was able to apply the next day at work.

What are the most important takeaways from the business projects (BBP or MBP) and how do you apply them?  I am now able to look at all sorts of things both in the details and in the bigger picture. NGS has also provided me with something beyond invaluable to me; confidence. I believe that my ideas have merit, my skills are honed, and my education helps to support my legitimacy. NGS has given me so many skills, I have actually started up a children’s reading room in my town, and the only reason I feel confident enough to start and manage this effort is because of what I have learned and experienced with NGS.

What is one word that describes your experience at NGS? Confidence