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Alumni Spotlight – Antoine Artis

Student Name:  Antoine ArtisNGS-44
NGS Program(s):  BSQSM; MSQSM
Cohorts(s):  914 Online BSQSM; 1015 Online Masters

Why did you choose NGS? They offer knowledge of a subject which is of importance to me.  Also, the scheduling flexibility for working adults attending this course cannot be rivaled.

Did NGS meet your expectations? How and why?  NGS has exceeded my expectations by providing me with tangible information, all taught by professionals who have practice the quality methods they are teaching.

What are the most important takeaways from the Master’s Business Project (MBP) and how do you apply them?  Utilizing the DMAIC methodology will prove effective within any quality or process improvement initiative.  I am currently completing my NGS Master’s curriculum and applying the knowledge learned toward the ownership and management of my catering business.

What is one word that describes your experience at NGS? Quality.