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Important policies


NGS complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (amended in January 1975) and appearing in its final form in June 1976). The Privacy Act defines the requirements, which are designed to protect the privacy of the students concerning their records maintained by NGS. The law requires that:

  • Students are provided access to official records directly related to the student. This does not include private records maintained by instructional, supervisory, or administrative Students wishing to see their records must make arrangements through the NGS Keeper of Records. Students may not remove any materials but are entitled, at their own expense, to one copy of any material contained in their file.
  • Students are given the opportunity for a hearing to challenge such records on the grounds that they are inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate. The right to a hearing under the law does not include any right to challenge the appropriateness of a grade as determined by the instructor.
  • The student’s written consent must be received prior to the releasing of identifiable data from the records to any other individual.
  • NGS is authorized under the Act to release public directory information concerning students. Directory information may include the student’s name, major field of study, dates of attendance and degrees and awards received. Directory information is subject to release at any time unless NGS has received prior written request from the student specifying that the information not be released.
  • NGS is authorized to provide access to student records to NGS officials and employees who have legitimate educational interests in such access. These are persons who have responsibilities in the academic, administrative, or support service functions.

NGS Learning Agreement and Honor Code

“I acknowledge that I have downloaded a copy of The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) Catalog and Student Handbook and I accept responsibility for the information presented. I agree that I have read the entire handbook and will abide by the policies, procedures, and requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook. I understand that I am responsible for following the most current handbook.

The School does not tolerate any form of academic misconduct. I affirm commitment to the NGS Plagiarism Policy (26.1) and the NGS Honor Code which reads:

“In the pursuit of the highest standards or academic integrity and accomplishment, I pledge to be honest in all academic endeavors and to perform with the utmost level of academic integrity.” http://ngs.edu/admissions/policies/

I acknowledge that The National Graduate School has provided me with the opportunity to attain a college e-mail account and to enroll in the NGS Portal for my courses. I also accept that The National Graduate School’s e-mail account is the formal method of communication with the school and I am therefore responsible to obtain and actively monitor information conveyed via BOTH of these forms of technology. I agree to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Catalog and Student Handbook and the learning agreement.”

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

When a student chooses to withdraw from a program for any reason, they are required to send their request for withdrawal in writing to studentservices123@ngs.edu  to officially begin the withdrawal process.  If the student has a Federal Stafford Loan, Veteran’s Benefits, and/or entitlements, the change will be reported to the appropriate agency.  Refunds will be made in accordance with the NGS Catalog & Student Handbook Refund Policy.    Students are financially responsible for the courses attempted.  If you have any issues or questions about this process, please contact registrar@ngs.edu.

“W” grades are assigned when a student withdraws from a course (after the course has started but before the course end date). The length of time of enrollment shall be determined by the date on which the submission of the Withdrawal Request is received by NGS. Refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt of such notice.

Tuition will be refunded at the rate of 100% if the student does not attend any portion of the first course, 90% if the student withdraws after the second meeting of the first course, 60% if the student withdraws after the third meeting of the first course, and 0% at the end of the course. A $150 administrative fee will be charged for students completing less than fifty (50%) percent of the course.

Refunds are issued to repay Stafford loans, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and Military Tuition Assistance and any other tuition subsidy before refunds can be made to the student. (For students attending classes in Georgia or Florida, please see addenda for additional information.)

Textbooks are not covered by these refund policies.  Questions about the refund policy should be directed to the bursar at bursar@ngs.edu.

Photo Release

Recognizable images of individuals that will are selected for use on The National Graduate School of Quality Management sites may only be used after receiving permission from the subject.* Crowd scenes where no single person is dominant feature are exempt. These rules govern photographs intended for use in any NGS publication of a marketing or public relations nature, such as newsletters, brochures, promotional items, or other such material.

*Consenting to use of photos is under the “Agreement” portion of the electronic process.