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NGS & Juran Global Partnership

The Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) and Juran Global have formed a unique and powerful international partnership. Juran Global is a world-leader in transformational change systems and breakthrough management principles leveraging quality concepts. Juran has an extensive Global outreach, providing training, consulting, and thought-leadership to corporations world-wide.

NGS is accredited as a Professional Practice College focused on translating theories and concepts directly into application in the workplace. Juran is a world leader in guiding corporations towards more effective business practices and enhanced corporate competitiveness. Together, the Juran-NGS partnership builds a powerful synergy through the integration of the vast training and consultant competencies of Juran and the innovative educational programs of NGS.

The Juran-NGS portfolio includes professional focused degree programs, customer-driven certificate programs, compelling action-research results, leading publications, thought leadership in transformation through quality management, extensive resources, a Community of Practice to share best practices, webinars, academic credit for select certificate programs, and more. The Juran-NGS partnership is customer-driven, creating programs to meet the unique needs of each customer and guiding individual students in tailoring their program of study to specific applications in their work place.

Success you can measure! That is the value the Juran-NGS partnership offers.  For major corporations, small non-profit companies, health industries, defense and military organizations, manufacturing or information management, senior-level leaders and aspiring entry-level managers seeking advanced degrees; we promise success you can measure.

About Juran Global

In 1979, Dr. Joseph M. Juran founded Juran Institute, Inc., to provide research and pragmatic solutions that enable organizations from any industry to learn the tools and techniques for managing quality. Building upon Dr. Juran’s foundation, today Juran Global provides consulting, benchmarking, and training services to improve their clients’ business performance. They work with their clients to provide measurable business results while streamlining business processes, reducing costs, and heightening their competitive edge. If you would like more information about Juran Global, please visit www.juran.com.