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Mission statement

The mission of The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) is to prepare business professionals through innovative and quality education to position them for success.

NGS programs demonstrate performance-based achievements of its mission at every degree level through the degree “project” which must show tangible results to the NGS faculty and the employer or sponsor.  We have required that students demonstrate their knowledge and the application of that knowledge in practical, work-related projects since 1993.

The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) is a professional practice institution with a primary focus:

  • To provide working adults with higher-level knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles and tools of quality-based systems management for performance excellence.
  • To graduate individuals with behavioral, analytic, customer service, and leadership skills to achieve tangible and measurable results for organizational performance excellence.
  •  To raise the overall understanding of quality-based systems management in the public and private sectors nationwide.
  • To develop proponents and educators of quality systems management able to further understanding and application of the concepts, principles and tools.

The educational objectives of The National Graduate School of Quality Management programs are:

  • To provide students, particularly working adults and other non-traditional students, with a business-related higher education that will empower them to make rapid contributions to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
  • To engage students in a rigorous, exciting, challenging, theoretical and practical learning experience in a specialized curriculum that is uniquely centered in both management sciences and quality systems sciences, predicated on a teamwork approach, and incorporating a business project that requires measurable results.
  • To provide highly qualified faculty who are practitioners with professional work experience as well as appropriate educational credentials.
  • To provide students with the resources needed to interact with others clearly and effectively.
  • To impart and demonstrate to students the aligned relationship of leadership management and a quality systems theme to ethical behavior.
  • To facilitate degree offerings on an accelerated basis, consistent with managing curriculum delivery to the capacities of working adults.
  • To furnish students with methods of inquiry.
  • To subject the body of knowledge known as quality systems management to a process of continuous improvement derived from the application of that knowledge in the workplace and responses to research in the field.
  • To seek and track achievements and evaluations of respondent alumni and sponsoring employers to assess the program’s viability.

If you have any questions after reviewing the information on this page or on this website, please contact us on our toll-free number: 800-997-1673 or by sending email to info@necb.edu.

Note that some programs are not available in Massachusetts or to Massachusetts residents.