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Joining our Faculty

Faculty selection criteria

Faculty members are selected based on a combination of the following attributes: practical experience, recognized expertise in a specific subject matter area, senior leadership of a relevant sector organization, refereed publications, and academic credentials. NGS faculty provide knowledge of quality systems management, including performance metrics in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Performance Metrics, Strategic Planning, Statistical Thinking, Systems Thinking, Organizational Design, Organizational Assessment, Team Dynamics, Process Improvement, Financial Systems, Supply Chain Productivity, and Project Management.

Faculty application and selection process

Candidates apply online using the NGS faculty application located at the bottom of this page. Once all supporting documentation is received by the Office of Academic Affairs (application, resume, graduate transcript indicating receipt of an MS or Ph.D, and 2 letters of recommendation), the Academic Affairs Coordinator compiles the information and prepares it for review. The Associate Dean evaluates the documentation and conducts an initial interview. After the initial interview is complete, a recommendation is provided to the Chief Academic Officer regarding the candidate. The Chief Academic Officer is the authority for hiring and placement of faculty and may conduct the final interview. The NGS staff is notified of the acceptance and a welcoming letter is sent to the new member.

The faculty member is informed of NGS’ policies and procedures and is provided with the appropriate instructions to further familiarize him/her with the NGS learning community, Quality Systems Management Program, and the MBP concept.

Accordingly, each faculty member completes valuable online orientation and instruction that consists of video tutorials for in-house developed software such as the MBP Builder, and the NGS Portal learning management system. These tools are used to facilitate the learning and communication of students, faculty and staff members in the NGS community. The faculty member is then assigned to teach a course that is commensurate with his/her area of expertise.

Integrity of the program is maintained through peer review, student evaluations, and project sponsors/champions evaluations. At NGS, faculty evaluations are a critical facet of assessing and assigning faculty members.

At the completion of every course, students are provided the opportunity to complete an on-line evaluation to assess the instruction of the faculty as well as the course. The information is compiled and reviewed by the Chief Academic Officer who offers constructive feedback to the faculty member as a mechanism for professional development.

NGS faculty are active in the speaking circuit supporting national and international conferences. Faculty members are active members and leaders of prestigious organizations devoted to the advancement of quality, productivity and competitiveness (e.g., ASQ, NIST). Our faculty members comprise Baldrige Award Winners, Baldrige Award Examiners, and Six Sigma Master Black Belts.

NGS’ curriculum is maintained current through its Curriculum Review Board, which conducts evaluations of the curriculum as a whole to ensure internal consistency within and between courses. Faculty members possess technical and domain expertise, as well as theoretical experience and practical application. The apt collaboration from course to course ensures seamless handoffs from the departing course professor to the incoming professor, which facilitates a well-organized and trusting learning environment for students.

NGS is proud of its faculty and take an interest in ensuring each member is well-trained and equipped to impart a high level of specialized learning in their respective areas of expertise. Our faculty members are deeply committed to quality, the adult learning model, and the rigorous standards of NGS.

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