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Faculty Governance

NGS Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) Mission:
To design, develop, evaluate, and improve the curriculum for each degree and certificate program.

NGS CDC Committee Members Responsibilities:
Each CDC member reports to their associated Program Chair and the Dean of Academic Affairs.  The responsibilities are divided into Short Term and Long Term focus.

Curriculum Development Committee Members

Dr. Eileen Sullivan – all committees

BSc Committee Members
Dr. Pat Murrin
James Seymour
Alan Feltham
Dr. David Fearon

MS Committee Members
Jack Kovalcik
Ernie Ehlinger
Dr. David Fearon

DBA Committee Members
Dr. David Braga
Dr. Ali Lakhani
Dr. Margaret Carter
Dr. David Fearon

Program Chair Members

Dr. Pat Murrin – BSc
Prof. Jack Kovalcik – MS
Dr. David Braga – DBA