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Faculty Directory


Name Area Email Bio 
Dr. Denise Aspell, Ph.D. Performance Improvement and Training daspell@ngs.edu
Dr. Michael Aubry Business Administration; International Marketing maubry@ngs.edu
Dr. Allen Bednarczyk, Ph.D. Food Sciences and Management abednarczyk@ngs.edu
Kenneth Bishop Business Management kbishop@ngs.edu
Mr. Steven Borchert sborchert@ngs.edu
Dr. Dennis Bowyer Library Sciences; Research and Curriculum Development dbowyer@ngs.edu
Dr. David Braga Educational Specialist and Curriculum Development – DBA Program Chair dbraga@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Charles Brandon Statistics; Six sigma Lean and Project Management cbrandon@ngs.edu
Dr. Richard Buckles Quality Systems Management, Strategic Planning, Benchmarking rbuckles@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Margaret Carter, Ed.D. Organizational Leadership and Management; Education mcarter@ngs.edu
Dr. Gurbachan “Guru” Chadha Statistics and Six Sigma Lean gchadha@ngs.edu
Mr. Dennis Chakey dchakey@ngs.edu
Dr. Jacqueline Chestnut Research jchestnut@ngs.edu click here
Charles DeLadurantey cdeladurantey@ngs.edu
Dr. Donna DiMatteo, Ph.D. Distance Learning and Instructional Development ddimatteo@ngs.edu
Mr. Ernest Ehlinger Lean Six Sigma and Project Management eehlinger@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Rahshaan Engrum Government and Career Management rengrum@ngs.edu
Ms. Katrina Everhart keverhart@ngs.edu
Mr. Alan Feltham afeltham@ngs.edu
Mr. Jere Ferguson jferguson@ngs.edu
Dr. Amy Fraher, Ed.D. Leadership Studies and Educational Development afraher@ngs.edu
Dr. Arlene Gibson Educational Specialist and Curriculum Development agibson@ngs.edu
Mr. Howard Hall hhoward@ngs.edu
Mr. Paul Holling pholling@ngs.edu
Dr. Clea Hollis, Ed.D Instructional Development chollis@ngs.edu
Dr. Alan Jenkins Organizational Leadership and Management; Applied Sciences ajenkins@ngs.edu
Dr. Loretta Jenkins Leadership and Management ljenkins@ngs.edu
Dr. Kevin Jones Organizational Leadership and Education kjones@ngs.edu
Dr. Mountasser Kadrie Healthcare Sciences and Management; Operational and Strategic Planning mkadrie@ngs.edu
Mr. Ronald Kaufman rkaufman@ngs.edu
Mr. Alvin Keen Quality Systems Management akeen@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Lydell King Quality Systems Management lking@ngs.edu click here
Mr. John “Jack” Kovalcik  Quality Systems Management – Master of Science Program Chair jkovalcik@ngs.edu
Dr. Robert Krell Government; Financial Management rkrell@ngs.edu
Dr. Murtuza Ali Lakhani mlakhani@ngs.edu
Mr. Paul Larson Supply Chain Management, Financial Systems Management plarson@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Michael Laverty Six Sigma and Educational Development mlaverty@ngs.edu
Dr. Christy Leite Process Improvement; Quality in Industrial Engineering cleite@ngs.edu
Dr. David McIntyre HSD Expert on staff and NGS Supporter dmcintyre@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Robert McManus, Ed.D. Higher Education Leadership and Curriculum Development rmcmanus@ngs.edu
Mr. John Miller jmiller@ngs.edu
Dr. Heidi Mortensen-Torres Library Sciences; Research and Curriculum Development hmortensen-torres@ngs.edu
Dr. Patricia Murrin Supply Chain Management and Business – Bachelor of Science Program Chair pmurrin@ngs.edu
Dr. Steve Myers Six Sigma and Lean smyers@ngs.edu
Mr. Luke Ott lott@ngs.edu
Dr. Bryan Pendleton Organizational Leadership; Lean Six Sigma; Quality in Homeland Security bpendleton@ngs.edu
Mr. Robert Reilly Management rreilly@ngs.edu
Dr. Emerson Rogers Law and Management erogers@ngs.edu
Dr. Domingo Salgado Computing and Communications; Project Management dsalgado@ngs.edu
Mr. Orlando Salinas osalinas@ngs.edu
Mr. James Seymour jseymour@ngs.edu
Dr. Sonny Smith Public Administration and Public Affairs ssmith@ngs.edu
Dr. Anita Springer Operations Research and System Analysis aspringer@ngs.edu
Dr. Michael Stone Government and Business Management mstone@ngs.edu
Dr. Clishia Taylor Healthcare Management and Nursing ctaylor1@ngs.edu
Dr. Souzane Tacawy Organizational Leadership and Mechanical Engineering stacawy@ngs.edu
Prof. Jennifer Tallow jtallow@ngs.edu click here
Dr. Dereje Tessema Applied Management and Decision Sciences; Information Technology dtessema@ngs.edu
Dr. Barbara Vallera Organizational Leadership; Education; Management bvallera@ngs.edu
Mr. David Wynn dwynn@ngs.edu
Prof. George Yacus, Ph.D. Management and Strategic Planning gyacus@ngs.edu