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Advancing Healthcare Excellence in America

healthsystemspicBy: Dr. Joe Fierro, MSQSM, DBA
NGS MSQSM & DBA alumnus
Speaker – Trainer – Coach, Fierro LS & Co., LLC

“Patient-centered, high quality care delivered efficiently” is the Vision for America set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and it’s a vision that I and many in healthcare share!

“Value-based reimbursement” is a term used to describe the shift from “fee-for-service” payments for medical services.  It is central to the collective efforts to improve patient care and medical services.  Value-based reimbursements hold much promise for accelerating the quality of care that patient-focused, excellence-minded, healthcare practitioners have been doing since adopting the Baldrige Criteria in the early 90’s.  The shift to value-based reimbursements can be a challenge to the culture of some health care providers, but serves to strengthen the excellence culture of early adopters.  I’m excited about the new framework’s intent which is to “reward health care providers for giving better care not just more care.”

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Roadmap for Implementing Value Driven Healthcare in the Traditional Medicare, value-based programs must include the development of quality measures that aligns payments more directly to the quality and efficiency of care provided.  This will reinforce better healthcare industry performance by rewarding providers for their measured performance across the dimensions of quality.  It is intended to encourage all healthcare providers to deliver higher quality care at a lower total cost.

Where can current or future healthcare employees and managers learn how to meet these performance challenges?

For over 20 years, The National Graduate School of Quality Management has  strengthened the capabilities of students to support performance based initiatives such as those above.  The NGS accelerated 1 year degrees include Six Sigma Certifications from Juran Global.  NGS degrees are delivered in a work-friendly, one-night per week, online format and students are graded on the application of course materials versus memorizing tests.  The degrees possess great value to healthcare technicians and management who are dedicated to improvements in the dynamic, ever-changing healthcare world of work.  The NGS Quality Systems Management degrees include a 1-year Bachelors of Science Completion (BSc) with a Green Belt in Six Sigma, a 1 year Masters of Science with a Black Belt in Six Sigma, and a 2.5 year Doctor of Business Administration.

The 1 year BSc with its Green Belt Six Sigma Certification is perfectly suited for nurses, technicians and other healthcare employees who have an Associates Degrees or the equivalent two years of college.  The 1 – year MS Degree with its Black Belt in Six Sigma Certification helps advance the capabilities of current or aspiring managers  as well as technicians to implement measurable healthcare quality and performance programs.  The DBA caps the NGS degree programs and provides doctoral candidates the opportunity to contribute to the healthcare performance Body of Knowledge and their very own legacy of excellence.

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