NGS Mission

The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) provides academic and professional programs that advance knowledge in the areas of Leadership and Quality Systems Management (QSM), develops, promotes, and proliferates QSM best practices, and helps students represent and apply these best practices in their professional lives.

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Upcoming deadlines

Bachelor of Science Degree Completion*  (BSQSM) –  January 13, 2015: apply now – call Laura at 800.838.2580 x104

Master of Science degree program (MSQSM) – January 14, 2015: apply now – call Karen at 800.838.2580 x125

Doctor of Business Administration program* (DBA) – December 4, 2014: apply now – call Karen at 800.838.2580 x125

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NGS is a military-friendly school:

NGS is a military-friendly school